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Jommm Kurus Cara Mudah Murah dan Sihat Yang Penting Selamat! 

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1. Jangan Tinggalkan Sarapan 
2. Mulakan awal hari dengan Air Putih
3. Banyak Bergerak atau Olahraga
4. Pengambilan Protein
5. Makan Makanan Kaya Serat/sayuran2
6. Ganti Makanan Karbihidrat Sederhana dengan Karbohidrat Kompleks
7. Jaga Makan Malam Anda (pastikan yg tidak berat)


1. Kurang Tidur
2. Tidor setelah Excercise
3. Skip Makan

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sauna Room


*** Note: Sauna Item Have to Add On Delivery
COD/BY hand : Area KL and Putra Jaya ONLY

Sauna atau apapun jenis program pelangsingan, memerlukan komitmen dan usaha yang konsisten daripada setiap pengguna. Selain daripada bersauna semata, untuk melihat kesan yang ketara akan manfaat bersauna, pengguna sauna juga dinasihatkan untuk menjaga pemakanan. Jauhkan amalan memakan makanan yang boleh mengundang lemak untuk menempel di badan kita. Untuk melihat keberkesanan sauna ini, setiap pengguna dinasihatkan untuk:-
1) Bersauna tiga (3) kali seminggu dan konsisten – Bersauna secara konsisten adalah kunci kepada kejayaan kurus dengan bersauna.  Bersauna dengan konsisten juga membantu meningkatkan kadar metabolisme  akan meningkat sehingga 50%. Ini akan membantu badan membakar lebih banyak kalori dan pasti membantu anada mengurangkan berat badan.

2) Meminum air sekurang-kurangnya lapan (8) gelas sehari - Minum air yang cukup untuk mengelakkan badan terhidrat apabila bersauna. Air yang cukup juga boleh membantu badan mengeluarkan toksin dalam badan. Selain itu air juga membantu meningkatkan kadar metabilsme dalam badan.

3) Meminum air sebelum dan selepas bersauna – Penting bagi setiap pengguna untuk meminum air sebelum dan selepas sauna agar badan kita tetap berasa segar dan bertenaga serta membuatkan badan kita lebih bersedia untuk mengeluarkan peluh dalam kadar yang banyak. Peluh yang dikeluarkan sebenarnya amat baik dari sudut kesihatan kerana ia menyingkan lemak dan membuang toksin di dalam badan.

4) Mandi selepas peluh kering – Digalakkan kepada semua pengguna agar mengeringkan badan seketika sehingga peluh di badan benar-benar kering dan ini mampu mengelakkan masalah kulit seperti panau dll.

10 reasons that steam sauna rock.
1. They are Relaxing
The main reason any of us even try a steam room or sauna in the first place is to chill out. After a hard workout or a long day you need to just relax, which is exactly what you will do. The combination of heat plus being disconnected from the rest of the world for even just a few minutes can transform your attitude and make you feel more mellow.
2. They Help Clear Your Pores
Think about it: saunas and steam rooms cause your pores to open so you can release sweat. As your pores open and sweat, they also flush out the icky stuff sitting on your skin’s surface or just below the surface. All the dirt and germs from your environment, your day, even your makeup get washed away in the stream of sweat.
3. They Help You Decompress after a Hard Workout
An intense exercise session can leave your muscles tired, sore and stiff. Using the heat from a sauna (dry heat) or a steam room (wet heat) can loosen muscles and help muscle fibers recover faster.
4. They Can Relieve Joint Pain
One of the benefits of a sauna is that they have been shown to help patients dealing with arthritis and joint discomfort, as the heat therapy can cause temporary pain relief. A Dutch study in 2009 showed that “participants reported improvement in pain, stiffness and fatigue during the sauna session.”
5. They Detoxify your Body and Release Toxins
Regardless of how healthy you may be and how much you may try to live a balanced, health-focused lifestyle your body is storing tons of toxins. They can come from chemicals in your environment or from your food, and the best way to release these toxins is to mobilize them in your body and sweat them out in a steam room.
6. Saunas and Steam Rooms can be Good for Your Heart
Because steam rooms and saunas stimulate your heart to pump faster, moving blood throughout your body, it can actually be like a mild workout for your heart. In addition, for some people time in a sauna can lower blood pressure, which is really beneficial for people with high blood pressure.
7. Circulation will Improve
Safe exposure to heat through a sauna or steam room will get your heart pumping, thus increasing blood flow throughout your body. An article published by Harvard Medical School explained that in a sauna “the pulse rate jumps by 30% or more, allowing the heart to nearly double the amount of blood it pumps each minute.”
8. Your Complexion will Improve
Steam room therapy can restore skin by stimulating blood flow, riding your skin of dead cells and leaving your skin feeling clean, soft and fresh.
9. You will Increase Flexibility
The last thing you want when you’re trying to relax in the sauna is for some towel-clad person next to you to bend over and touch her toes. That said, if you are ever lucky enough to find an empty sauna, take a few minutes to stretch, using typical positions like hamstring and quad stretches. The concept is that intense, penetrating heat can relieve your tired, stiff muscles and make them more malleable. A recent study showed that “stretching in the sauna led to a 205% improvement in flexibility.”
10. It can Help Cure a Hangover
More benefits of a sauna include hangover help. Let’s be clear, there is no real cure for a hangover (ugh, we know). But there are things you can do to help alleviate the hangover symptoms and speed up the recovery process. Sweating it out in a sauna can help rid your body of all the grossness from last night’s booze-fest. That said, just be sure to properly hydrate along the way. While a good sweat can help, being dehydrated could hurt you and make your symptoms worse.

RM 480.00 ( Yang terlaris...)

(Add On Postage)

Nature Korea Ginger Powder

Must Buy!
Nature Korea Ginger Powder
For Sauna, foot bath, Spa and Steam Bath.
Keep the human body from all kind of stress, dissipate fatigue, enhance the quality of sleep, promotes healthy blood circulation, antipruritic deodorant.
Ingredients: Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, angelica, sandalwood, dictamni.
Packaging: 2.5g x 50 sachets
RM: 25.00 (add on postage RM10)


PRICE: RM699.00
(Tidak termasuk pos)

New Arrival !
Suna Premium 3 in 1 (Body, Hair & Leg) Nylon Steam Sauna (Silver)
For people who want to start living healthy, slashing out bad food is not enough. You need to keep in check your calorie intake, do some exercise, and perhaps go an extra mile to try and sweat the pounds out. While it may be a hassle for some people, there are some ways to make healthy living easier--sit back, relax, and let our Portable Steam Sauna do all the work for you.Our Portable Steam Sauna makes weight loss an easier task to achieve by literally being a smaller version of those sauna spas that you go to. It works by producing steam and heat that melts your fats away--making it easier to loss those extra inches off your waist and troublesome areas. Its steam feature also doubles as a diffuser for aromatherapy. Sweating will help your body lose water and toxins that are in the water, thus helping in losing weight. Detoxification can give your skin a healthy tone.

This portable device can help you lose about 250 calories in half an hour effortlessly. It is the easy ticket to a fabulous figure and a radiant skin. To use the Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna, simply set it up and plug it into a 110/220V outlet. You can also double up the effects of this sauna with an accompanying sauna suit. Just remember to hydrate before and after the process to avoid being overly dehydrated.

Material: Double lining Water proof Nylon filled with foam
Color: Silver
Tent Size: 106x82cm(HXD)
Components: Sauna tent + Steamer generator + Hose
Assembly: No need , pop-open design
Steam generator: 2 Lt digital steam generator wt remote control

Price : RM450.00
(Add On Delivery RM30.00)

Sauna Canvas

(Add on Delivery RM20.00)

Sauna Nyalon
Ingin Tahu Cara Mudah Untuk Kurus dan Cantik.. gebu Dan sihat Serta Langsing yg paling selamat dan paling berkesan??? Haaaa ini caranya.....
Anda pernah bersauna???

Teringin merasai pengalaman bersauna tapi tak mahu spend duit beratus ringgit setiap sesi di spa2? Mereka yg biasa bersauna ke spa pasti tahu berapa wang perlu dilaburkan hanya utk bersauna bagi setiap sesi. Namun mereka yang biasa bersauna tidak kisah berbelanja mahal utk setiap sesi sauna kerana kesegaran dan kepuasan yang diperoleh tiap kali lepas bersauna!
>> boleh dilipat, di simpan di bawah katil, tepi almari, x memerlukan ruang yang besar di rumah anda!
>> boleh digunakan semasa menonton tv .
>> beli sekali sahaja dan anda boleh bersauna bila-bila masa dan di mana sahaja anda mahu.
>> jangka hayat yg lama (2-10 tahun) hanya dengan 1 pembelian set sauna.
>> teramat jimat utk jangka masa yg panjang. menang membeli,menang memakai.
>> design terkini dan moden.
aktiviti bersauna mempunyai keunikan yang tersendiri jika dibandingkan dengan berbagai jenis produk kesihatan lain, kerana dengan hanya bersauna, anda hanya perlu relax dan santai di rumah anda sambil bersauna dan beroleh khasiat seperti :
- Menggantikan aktiviti berjogging dan bersenam.
- Membakar lemak dari luar dan menurunkan berat badan secara teratur.
- Menyembuhkan luka-luka dalaman selepas bersalin.
- Menyingkirkan toksik badan melalui peluh.
- Mengurangkan sinus/resdung dan jerawat.
- Membersihkan kulit dan kelihatan segar, halus dan licin.
- Menghaluskan kulit. (Tips menghaluskan kulit, lakukan
lulur/scrub badan selepas anda bersauna. Hasilnya kulit anda akan bertambah halus dan gebu.)
- Menghilangkan kesakitan sendi, arthritis, urat dan sengal-sengal badan.
- Membantu masalah sukar tidur. Tidur lebih lena.
- Menjadikan badan terasa lebih ringan dan bertenaga.
- Sangat baik untuk wanita yang baru lepas bersalin bagi menggantikan tangas
- Meningkatkan kadar metabolisme.
Perbandingan aktiviti bersauna dengan aktiviti senaman yang lain :
>> Bersauna selama 15 minit membakar 400-600 kalori.
>> Aerobics selama 30 minit membakar 400 kalori.
>> Berenang selama 30 minit membakar 400 kalori.
>> Berbasikal selama 30 minit membakar 250 - 500 kalori.
>> Jogging selama 30 minit membakar 300 kalori.
>> Mereka yang nak kurus, sihat, kulit gebu
>> Bakal pengantin baru
>> Bakal ibu, ibu yang sedang berpantang, baru melahirkan anak
>> Nk kurus tapi tak ada masa nk bersenam, penat tak larat jogging

(Add on Delivery RM20.00)

Exclusive sauna

(add on delivery RM30.00)

Sauna Kaki
PRICE: RM200.00
(Tidak termasuk Postage)

sauna pants

NOW ~ RM69.00

Sauna pant ( seluar sauna) ini amat berkesan jika ia digunakan untuk mengempiskan perut & mengecilkan paha. Selain daripada itu ia juga memberi kebaikan dari segi kecantikan dan kesihatan.
Mencantikkan kulit
Mengempiskan perut yang buncit
Dapat menjadikan tubuh lebih kemas dan membentuk semula pinggul secara semulajadi
Lepas Bersalin
Mengecutkan perut, rahim, paha,
menyembuhkan luka-luka dalaman, serta menjadikan ibu lebih bertenaga dan cergas.
Pelangsingan Badan
Membakar lemak (sehingga 600 kalori),
mencairkan selulit dari luar sama seperti berjogging sejauh 5km
berkesan untuk menguruskan badan.
Tungku moden (elektronik)
Mengurangkan kesakitan anggota badan,
sakit urat, sendi, sengal-sengal tulang,
menghilangkan tekanan dan perehatan otot.
meningkatkan sistem kardiovaskular dan sistem imunisasi badan.
menghilangkan toksik dalam badan seperti aluminium, cadmium, lead dan mercury.
meningkatkan tahap metabolisme, melancarkan pengaliran darah,
memecahkan lemak yang berlebihan, mengurangkan penyakit jantung, strok dan darah tinggi serta anti-penuaan.

cara-cara pengunaan

Untuk menggunakan sauna pant ini, dinasihatkan untuk memakai seluar cotton pada sebelah dlam terlebih dahulu.  Jangan pakai sauna pants ini tanpa sebarang lapik. Seluar cotton akan berfungsi untuk menyerap peluh yang akan keluar apabila memakai sauna pant tersebut.
Pakai SAUNA PANTS dalam keadaan yang selesa (baring atau berdiri). Jangan duduk atau meniarap kerana ini akan mendatangkan masalah kepada alat sauna.
Jangan gunakan losyen atau seumpamanya ketika menggunakan SAUNA PANTS
kerana pori-pori akan terbuka luas dan boleh menyebabkan reaksi pada kulit. (allergi/gatal2)
Digalakkan minum minuman panas spt air suam. Elakkan minum minuman sejuk.
Jangan gunakan SAUNA PANTS sekurang-kurangnya 2 jam selepas makan.
Untuk mendapatkan kesan terbaik, pakai SAUNA PANTS untuk 50 minit pada satu masa.

Boleh datang melihat contoh sauna serta ingin mendengar penerangan secara lebih terperinci!!



If you're not ready to change, then you're not ready to loosed your weight PERMANENTLY!!

You'll always eat 3 meals a day.. You'll eat two or three snacks every day. You'll reawaken and increase your metabolism..You'll stop binge eating...You'll accelerate your fat loss.. You'll overcome plateau-ing ..You'll improve your breathing...this is ...a lifestyle change and you want to make sure you stay with it....

He lost 27 pounds in 9 weeks: “First evaluation March 20… that was 27 pounds ago.
I changed… not just my weight, but everything about me… the way I see the world, as well as the way I see food. I now see the world as a wonderful place full of opportunity and possibility – looking forward to the newest, latest model of me 46 pounds from now.”

Joel Carlew

Spirituality, Weight, Sex... and Love
An alarming 50% of overweight/obese people have sexual problems.
The reasons for these sexual problems are bio-chemical, physical and emotional.
And they are experienced by both men and women, who suffer from performance problems, diminished sex drive and reduced desire.

Sex: “We didn’t talk about it much. We didn’t do much about it either… the bedroom was the dark side of our life. My wife was patient and understanding. I was uncomfortable and ashamed. It took two of your cycles for me to drop from obese to overweight and another cycle to get close to 25 BMI. But my self respect is back… my heath is back … our sex life is back.”

                                                                    Mark Connolly

AND...LOVE: As your sex life improves, your hormones restore mutual loving feelings. Your oxytocin flows, promoting your feeling of bonding and connectedness. That, in turn, can reawaken your flow of dopamine and imroved energy and motivation

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ultra Slim Corset

tiada masa utk bersenam, MALAS dn dh jemu dgn mcm2 pil slim... Jamu slimm.. Dn harga corset pun ada mahal kann.. Xmampu milik lakk
😫Masalah perot makin buncit
😫Berat badann kian bertambah hari demi hari
😫Badan berbetuk PEAR.
😫 Perut berlipat dan menggeleber
😫 Pinggul terlebih dn melebar
Fungsi magnet ni untuk melancarkan perjalanan darah khusus untuk mengurangkan sakitt pinggang, melancarkan proses penghadaman, dan membuang toksin dlm badann.
Membantu perjalanan darah di bahagian peranakan & membolehkn piyed semakin teratur serta mengurangkan S E N G G U G U T.
Panty dipakai di luar korset. Jadi bila ke tandas, tidak perlu membuka keseluruhan korset tetapi, hanya perlu buka panty sahaja.
Tali bahu boleh laras yang lebar menyelesaikan masalah perbezaan saiz dan frame badann setiap wanita dan tiada lagi masalah sakitt di bahu bila memakai korset.
Lace yang cantik dan juga design yang menarik, walaupun ianya pakaian dalaman tapi masih mempunyai nilai estetik.
Seperti pakaian dalaman wanita yang lain juga, mempunyai warna-warna yang menarik seperti BIRU GELAP, PINK dan UNGU BEDGE
Whatsapp 018 469 1008

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Slimming Wraping

Balut kaki atau pinggang untuk menjadikannya berpeluh seperti mempunyai tab mandi sauna. Ia adalah sangat elastik, kelekitan yang baik. Dan ia boleh digunakan dengan minyak penting, berat badan krim, garam spa, mengurut krim, dan lain-lain

Juga ia boleh dengan mudah dipakai atau dikeluarkan, dan clearned untuk kegunaan berulang. Aksesori sahaja! Keadaan: 100% jenama baru dan tinggi qualitymaterial: pvcsize: 10 × 230cmcolor: pinkquantity: 1pairconversion: 1 inci = 25. 4mm atau imm = 0. 0393inchif anda membeli lebih daripada 100,

Paha, betis boleh digunakan, jenis plastik selesai kaki.
pinggang membentuk Sexy, mendapatkan semula lengkung pinggang.
Dengan lekatan yang kuat, berpeluh pekat, bengkak kaki ketat longgar.
Urut dengan minyak pati, kesannya adalah lebih jelas, produk ini boleh digunakan semula.
Mudah untuk digunakan, boleh digunakan pada bila-bila masa

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SWEET SWEAT BELT (slimming Belt)

Item Description:
-Promotes weight loss by preserving body heat and stimulating water loss during exercise
-Premium Waist Trimmer with adjustable
-Velcro closure fitting waists up to 41 inches. 
-Wrap is made of 100-percent latex-free neoprene
-Comfortable, light-weight, stretchy fabric stays in place while exercising
-Provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support
Includes Free Sample of Sweet Sweat
-Workout Enhancer. *Use in combination with waist trimmer during exercise for improved results

The Sweet Sweat Belt cushions, compresses, and supports your lower back and abdominal muscles while retaining therapeutic heat. As a result, you'll not only trim your love handles, but also relieve sore muscles. The waist trimmer is made of thermal 100-percent latex-free neoprene, with a nylon facing on the outer side and a contoured design for comfort. The fully adjustable Velcro closure ensures an optimal fit on waists up to 42inches.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Easy Tone Vibrating Slimming

Penerangan Produk :

1.Reposeful getaran frekuensi tinggi dan berkuasa.
2.20 tahap yang berbeza mempercepatkan menampung senaman berbeza berhasrat.
kualiti 3.Hith motor menyampaikan senaman lancar dan dapat memandu berat badan pengguna maksimum 110KGS.
4.Overload perlindungan semasa, anti-jamming dan anti-stati.
5.Extra konsol besar dengan 3 pemapar LED menyampaikan maklum balas TIME, SPEED, PROGRAM.

1.Rated kuasa: 200W; Popular voltan: 220V atau 110V; Kekerapan Rated: 50 / 60HZ.

2.Assemble Saiz: 690 mm * 360 mm * 150MM.

3.Amplitude: 1-15MM.
4.Frequency: 3-10Times.

1: Aktifkan seluruh badan, melegakan letih dengan cepat.
2. pembentuk badan Cemerlang, mencairkan lemak badan besar-besaran.
3. Melegakan insomnia cekap, membantu anda berehat.
4. Merangsang Alvine, meningkatkan penghadaman.
5. Meningkatkan aliran darah untuk mengekalkan kesihatan.
6. sendi Aktifkan, melegakan arthrosis sakit.